Meet the Easypisi founders

Ignaz Schels

As IT trainer, author and programmer, Ignaz thinks in 1 and 0. But since he became a father in July 2018, he has been spending a lot of time on the toilet with his two sons.

Because the little ones used to pee fountain-like across the bathroom, the need for a properly working potty got bigger.

Since the Easypisi potty was introduced, his everyday life has become a little easier. At the company, he optimises processes and takes care of logistics and customer relations.

Lena Schels

Lena always deals with children. In addition to her work at a Montessori school, she also received a training as a psychotherapist for children and adolescents.

Since her two sons were born, she has been enthusiastic about everything that has to do with natural child upbringing, such as cloth diapers, baby slings and of course EC.

It is also Lena who noticed while talking to other mothers that many parents have the same problem: The search for the perfect potty for children who cannot sit yet. This is how the idea for EasyPisi came about.

Julian Tresowski

Julian is a trained product designer with many years of agency experience in Stuttgart and Munich. His passion is developing and marketing ideas from the first sketch to the market-ready product.

Up until now, these were desk lights or cabin trolleys. But then his old school friend came up to him with a product idea and triggered him with a simple thought: Couldn't existing baby potties be changed so that nothing misses the mark?

Since then Julian has been taking care of production, marketing and, together with Ignaz, sales.

How it all started

Testing testing testing...

Sometimes small, sometimes big - the prototypes that we gradually tried out were as different as our test babies. After half a year of testing, we finally had the shape that everyone felt comfortable with.

All-rounders wanted

Not only did the prototyping start in-house, the cover sewing did, too. So we could be sure they'd fit perfectly and match in color.

  Since we've grown a bit, Lena no longer makes covers herself. But the production still takes place in Germany.

All starts in the garage.

Like many founders before us, we too have repurposed our garage. After all, we know that growth has to be handled creatively. That is why we continue to reserve space in our garages for additional products or large orders.


The first parcels were packed by Lena or Ignaz. We wanted to be sure: is every Easypisi flawless and without scratches? Is it well packaged and well secured for transport?

Every customer is important to us, which is why we take packaging very seriously. Even if we continue to grow, packaging, transport and the environment will continue to play a very special role at Easypisi.