What is "diaper free"?

It's not that evident, that babies soil their diapers.
Infants have a natural need for cleanliness and with a little practice
 parents can use certain signals to tell their child's bodily needs.

That's why it is called Elimination Communication or EC.
Instead of getting the kids used to just letting it go,
you can try to EC them shortly after birth.

That means, you just hold the baby over a container
and catch the excretions with it.

Old wisdom rediscovered

Before the invention of the plastic diaper, EC'ing babies was quite common. A parenting guide from 1914 states:

"All attention should be paid to being there before the child gets dirty. With a little attention you will learn from the child's restlessness to be there on time, even at night. A caring mother can get her child completely 'house-trained' in the 3rd month already".

The Top Hat

Not only indigenous people do without leak-proof Pampers: Worldwide every second child is clean before the first year of life.

 Diapers are not the norm in Africa, Asia, Latin America and also in Eastern Europe. Everyone there knows the "Top Hat Potty", or "Asian Potty", a vessel that is very cheap and easily available.

That's how it works

Diaper-free expert Anne-Marja Lützkendorf
 and Christine Neder talking about:
going diaper-free, Elimination Communication,
baby signals and EC'ing at night.

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